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Refresher cost £22 per hour Monday - Sunday

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Monday to Sunday

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Dear Everyone,

I would like to share with all of you my experience of learning to drive in the East London with the Noel’s driving school.

The choice of instructors is abundant out there, yet it is luck and a word of mouth that help “Learners” to choose the right teacher.

Starting from February, I have began to learn driving under a strict supervision of Noel. It may seem that 4 months of dedicated efforts is a long time to learn driving, however, to be able to drive a car on the streets of London requires a good level of preparation and dedication to acquire the required set of skills.

We need a good guidance in areas that we lack knowledge or practice. A combination of technical and social skills, devotion to his work and therefore students, make Noel one the best driving instructors available on the market.

If you are weighing up the options of who to choose from a list, I would not hesitate a moment, but recommend to opt for Noel. His professional and dedicated approach to work, highly developed social skills make him a real asset to the new comer !

Miss Aziza

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