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Noel Christopher Driving School in East London Please fill the form if you need driving lessons or book your driving instructor.

Please call me on 07960952703 or fill in the query form.

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Noel Driving School

Mobile: 07960952703

Email: noel@ldriver.co.uk

Web: www.Ldriver.co.uk

Opening hours for driving lessons: Monday to Sunday - 8 am - 10 pm

Opening hours for phone line: Monday to Sunday - 9 am - 9 pm

Mr Jigar Desai

I started learning to drive with Noel as a new driver without any prior experience.

Noel taught me the basics of safe driving first and then we moved on to more advanced techniques and procedures that are essential to driving

I feel that he is an excellent teacher and communicator. He has given me the skills and confidence to be a good and a safe driver. I was overjoyed to pass the test and I would certainly recommend the Pass-Plus lessons, as I found them very useful (especially night and motorway driving) and got a good discount on the insurance!

I would highly recommend Noel as a driving tutor; his experience and way of communication made me feel comfortable when I was learning.

Many many thanks Noel, I've just bought my first car, I really enjoy driving!

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